Universal Search Bar

Use Cmd + K for Mac / Ctrl + K for Windows to find what you need from anywhere on Upscale.
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Updated 1 year ago

With the universal search bar, you can search directly without switching tabs. How does it work?

  • Go to Upscale > use Cmd + K for Mac / Ctrl + K for Windows 
  • You can even click on the search icon
  • Type your query and get what you need instantly!

You can search your Upscale data with multiple data fields, including: 

  • Prospects: Name, Email Address, Organization
  • Accounts: Account Name, Domain
  • Opportunity: Opportunity Name, Amount
  • Sequences: Sequence Name
Note: Admins can search for all user activities, whereas others can search only for their activity and data. 

You can also go to any Settings through a simple search.

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