Why do some signatures look different?

Let's understand why some signatures render incorrectly.
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An attractive email signature can drive brand awareness, advertise special offers, boost traffic to your website, etc.

Different email services (i.e., Microsoft, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) may render and display email signatures differently. Your signature display depends on the recipient's mailbox service provider. 

But why does the email signature look different in some reply emails?

Unfortunately, Upscale doesn't have any control over the appearance of your email signature after someone replies to the email. Once a signature leaves the email service provider, multiple factors affect the appearance of the signature. 

When the signature reaches the recipient's mailbox, ideally, it should appear as intended if the recipient is in "reading mode." But once the recipient replies to your email, the mailbox shifts to "composing mode," allowing their email client to alter your HTML signature as they like or need. 

There is no workaround for when you use HTML email signatures. It's how some email clients work, and Upscale has no control over it. 

For example, if your recipient uses Gmail, there may be a basic line spacing variation in the signature of the sent email. This happens because of Gmail's limitation on rendering and displaying the signature. 

It's visible that Gmail has added extra space between words. 

Now, if your recipient uses Outlook, there may be a size variation in the email's signature. It happens because of Outlook's limited rendering and displaying of images for the signature. 

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