Best practices to configure Zapier

How to get the most out of Zaps?
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  • Add filters to Zap to automate only when a condition is satisfied in the triggering platform. This will limit the number of tasks being executed via Zapier. You can learn how to add conditions to a Zap here
This setting can help when you want to create prospects only when a stage is reached or when a field is updated. For example, you can set a condition that the prospect should only be created in Upscale when the source is LinkedIn or the prospect should only be updated into CRM if its stage is Replied Interested.
  • Branch Zaps into paths to configure complex sales flows between apps. This can help you in achieving if-else conditions in Zapier. You can learn how to create Zaps with conditional paths here
  • When you use Zapier with your team, each user will have to set up their Zap configuration individually. This may increase the number of Zaps being used for a single configuration. If you wish to cut down on your Zap usage, you can assign the records to a single user in your triggering app and then re-assign the records to other users when it lands on other platforms.

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