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Learn how to integrate HubSpot and Upscale.
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HubSpot is a sales customer relationship management tool that can be used to store data related to your prospects, accounts, and their status. The automated connection can help you import your CRM data to Upscale, a sales automation software. 

With a fully compatible HubSpot integration, Upscale ensures all data regarding prospects are automatically updated across both platforms. If you take action on Upscale, HubSpot applies automatically. All changes made on HubSpot are updated on Upscale as well. It ensures your data is always up-to-date. 

How do I connect Upscale to HubSpot?

  • Log into your Upscale account
  • Navigate to Settings > Plugins > CRM
  • Turn on the toggle for HubSpot CRM 
  • Log in to your HubSpot account
  • Click on Allow and Install to provide Upscale integration access. 
  • Your Upscale account will now be successfully connected if all steps are successful.

Read on to see learn how you can complete HubSpot Integration Setup

Step 1: Map users between Upscale and HubSpot.

The first step is mapping users across HubSpot and Upscale so that user activities on either tool are automatically updated.

  • Click on Get Started.
  • Click on Map New User.
  • Select the name of the user in Upscale.
  • Select the particular user's name in HubSpot.
  • Click on Confirm.

The Upscale user has now been mapped to the HubSpot user.

Step 2: Sync stages of Upscale with the lead status of HubSpot

Prospect stages of Upscale have to be synced with the lead status of prospects in HubSpot. The stages can be synced as follows:

  • Click on Get Started.
  • Set the sync stage type, polling, and pushing settings under the Sync section to automatically update the stages created and edited in HubSpot and Upscale across both apps.  
  • The mapped stages can be viewed under the Mapping section.
  • Click on Save.
  • The stages have been synced across Upscale and HubSpot.

Step 3: Sync accounts of Upscale with a company of HubSpot

Accounts of Upscale are known as Company on HubSpot. You can map accounts in Upscale to Company of HubSpot so that user activities performed on either tool are automatically updated.

You can sync the accounts of Upscale and HubSpot in the same way as shown in Step 2.

Step 4: Sync prospects of Upscale with contacts of HubSpot 

Prospects of Upscale are known as contacts in HubSpot. This step is mapping prospects across Upscale and HubSpot to automatically update prospects created or activities performed on either tool.

You can sync the prospects of Upscale and HubSpot in the same way as shown in Step 2.

You can also track the Upscale-specific API call usage under the Limits section under HubSpot integration in Upscale.

How do you sync activities between Upscale and HubSpot?

Activities are actions performed on the prospect who has been enrolled in a sequence by the user.

These can be actions such as email replies, emails sent, notes added, call logs, meetings booked, or tasks created and updated.

Once these activities are performed, the action is recorded into HubSpot to maintain complete information on both platforms by default.

Users also have the option to disable any of these to prevent them from being sent to HubSpot. 

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