[Sample Zap] Get Slack notifications when prospects reach certain stages on Upscale

Let's take an example to see what a configured Zap looks like
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The example here is of a Zap to receive instant alerts on Slack when a prospect needs your attention. You can also integrate Upscale with other tools like Microsoft Teams, Gmail, etc. via Zapier to receive alerts.

To create this zap, go to your Zapier account and follow the below steps:

  • Click on Create Zap
  • To get started, select Create a Custom Zap option
  • Enter the name of your Zap
  • Choose Upscale as the trigger app
  • Select Prospect Updated as a trigger event
  • Connect your Upscale account to Zapier

You can either select an existing connected account or connect to a new Upscale account. To connect a new account, you will have to copy-paste your API key and API secret from your Upscale account into Zapier. Learn how to get API key and API secret in Upscale.
  • Once, your Upscale account is connected successfully, you can test your trigger by clicking on the Test trigger
  • To receive messages for only those prospects who have reached a certain stage, choose Filter as an action app
  • Set your filter condition
  • To set up the action for the Zap, choose Slack as an action app
  • Select Send Channel Message as action event
  • Connect your Slack account
  • Select a channel where you want to receive notifications and add message text
  • You can configure other settings as per your requirement
  • Once, your Slack account is connected successfully and setup is configured between the 2 apps, you can test your action by clicking on Test & Review or Test & Continue

Your Zap is all configured! You can now turn on the Zap.

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