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Keep prospect communication in one place by getting Upscale notifications on Slack.
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Stay updated with everything essential by getting all Upscale notifications delivered to Slack — the most commonly used communication application. Upscale now has a native integration with Slack. 

The initial setup for integrating Slack with Upscale has to be done by your Admin.

Note: You only get Upscale notifications on Slack but cannot reply or take action. You can redirect from Slack to Upscale to take action.

Here are the steps for Slack integration:

  • Admin needs to Log in to Upscale 
  • Go to Settings > Plugins > Slack 
  • Turn on the toggle to enable Slack integration 
You can connect only one workspace at a time. And ensure Upscale and Slack have the same email address to sync.
  • Select your workspace 
  • Click on Allow to proceed with the integration
  • Save Upscale & Slack user mapping 
  • Slack is connected to Upscale. You will now receive all selected Upscale notifications on Slack. 

Note: If you can't find Upscale automatically on Slack, you need to go to Slack > Apps > Select Upscale

Each user can select and manage the notifications they want to receive on Slack. 

  • Go to Settings > You > Notifications
  • Select the Upscale notifications you want to receive on Slack 

Note: If the admin locks a user, then the Slack user mapping is removed, and Slack notifications will be disabled. 

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