Troubleshooting Zapier

Not sure why Zap is not working? Troubleshoot your Zaps here!
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Q. My Zap is not working as expected. What do I do?

A. You can troubleshoot Zaps that aren't behaving as you expect by clicking here.

If you are still unsure what went wrong, go to your Zap in Zapier and check Zap History. Zap History contains a list of tasks that have failed and the reason for their failure.

Q. My prospect got created in Upscale via Zapier, but why don’t I see certain fields in Upscale?

A. Prospect Email, Personal Email, Work Phone Number, Personal Phone Number, Other Phone Number, Timezone, and Custom Fields should meet their respective validation criteria for Upscale to import them.

  1. If Prospect Email is not valid, then Prospect won’t be saved in Upscale.

  2. If any other field (out of the fields mentioned above) except Prospect Email is not valid, then Prospect will be saved, but those fields will be omitted while saving Prospect.

  3. If Prospect Stage does not exist, then while saving Prospect in Upscale, the Unknown stage will be assigned to Prospect by default.

Q. Why was my prospect not added to Upscale?

A. Prospect Email and First Name are mandatory fields. If these fields are not provided by the triggering platform, then Prospect won’t be saved in Upscale.

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