Outbox Overview

Track your email status, and take action directly with Outbox.
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Tracking your emails sent, scheduled, bounced, opened, and replied to is more accessible with Outbox.

The Outbox can help you view

  • Auto emails that have been scheduled for later. You can edit, delete, and reschedule these emails or send them now.
  • Sent emails
  • Bounced emails

Here's how to view sent and bounced emails in Outbox: 

  • Go to Outbox > Select the date range
  • View all Sent, Opened, Clicked, Replied, and Bounced emails

Changed your mind? You can reschedule emails for later that haven't been sent yet. Here's how: 

  • Go to Outbox > Scheduled 
  • Select the email to reschedule > Click on the Reschedule icon
  • Enter the rescheduled Date & Time
  • Click on Reschedule to update

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