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Got a lead? Add them to prospects and start nurturing them.
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You can add or import prospects from the Prospects section or the Actions menu by following these simple steps - 

  • Click on Add Prospect on the top right
  • In the dialog that appears, click on Add a Prospect. 
  • Enter the details of the prospect and click on Add.

Your prospect will be added successfully to the Prospects Table. To view your prospect, use the Search tool in the management bar.

Quick Notes:

  1. While adding prospects, you can enter the personal details of the prospect like First Name, Last Name, Work Email, Job Title, Organisation, and other information. Want to add custom fields?
  2. The First name and Work email are mandatory fields. If these fields are not provided, prospects won't be saved in Upscale.
  3. For Account-based Sales, you can add your prospect to an existing account by selecting it from the Account dropdown menu

Happy Prospecting!

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