Configure prospect stages

Set customized stages according to your sales flow
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Prospect stages allow you to gauge the current status of your prospects. Upscale provides you with a standard set of prospect stages that you can assign to your prospects. 

To set a Default stage, hover over the corresponding stage, click on the 3-vertical dots icon, and click on Set as Default. 

In addition, you can add custom prospect stages for more detailed and quality prospecting. 

Add a Prospect Stage

  • Go to Settings > Prospects 
  • Click on Add Stage
  • Enter a Stage Name
  • Choose a Color from the color palette
  • Click on Add

Edit a Prospect Stage

You can edit the name and color of any prospect stage as per your requirements.

  • Go to Settings > Prospects
  • Click on the pencil icon against the corresponding stage you want to edit
  • After making the necessary changes, click on Save

Delete a Prospect Stage

Before deleting a prospect stage, you must reassign the prospects (who are assigned to this stage) by mapping this stage to another existing stage.

  • Go to Settings > Prospects
  • Click on the trash icon against the corresponding stage you want to delete
  • Click on Yes in the confirmation pop-up

If the stage is being used in another part of the application, you will have to map it to another prospect stage before deleting it.

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