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Q. How many prospects can I import at a time?

A. You can import any number of prospects on Upscale. We have no restrictions on prospect imports. However, for effective functioning, we recommend you import 5000 prospects at a time.

Q. What information can I add via CSV while importing?

A. You can add any field related to prospects via CSV. The basic fields are already defined by Upscale, like First Name, Last Name, Work Email, Job Title, etc., which can be directly used. 

If you have any additional fields unavailable in your Upscale account, first create these additional fields as custom fields in your Upscale account. You can then import your prospects from a CSV file by mapping all these fields.

Q. Why is the Import button not getting activated even after mapping fields?

A. Import button will automatically get activated when all mandatory fields are mapped. Please ensure you have mapped Work Email and First Name with the right fields for prospects.

Q. How does Upscale identify duplicate entries?

A. Upscale detects prospects based on their email ids and accounts based on their domains. So, if a prospect has a duplicate email id, it is treated as a duplicate prospect. 

Q. How does Upscale handle duplicate entries while importing?

A. While importing prospects, you can decide what should be done with such entries.

If existing prospects in Upscale are being imported again via CSV, then while importing, you can choose any one of the following actions -

Options Description
Update missing fields It will keep the existing prospect information and update only those fields which don't have any value.
Overwrite fields This will overwrite the existing prospect information with the new information received from CSV.
Skip update This will keep the existing prospect information intact and will not update any information.

Q. How do I interpret an action report?

A. Action report lets you know what happened to the prospects - were they imported or not, and if not, then why. 

Here is the list of potential actions that could happen while importing -

Possible Actions Description
Imported Newly added records from CSV
Updated Records from CSV that already exist in Upscale and were updated
Skipped Records from CSV that already exist in Upscale and were not updated

If the action failed for some reason, you can download the error report. This error report will contain reasons for not importing records against each entry.

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