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View and manage prospect information in one go.
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Get all prospect information that counts in one place. There is a separate space for all the information regarding a particular prospect in Upscale. You can view this by clicking on any prospect from the Prospect section.

Check any of the following information:

  • About - View basic information relating to contact details, stage, owner, and tags of the prospect here. 
  • Active Task - Take a detailed look at all active tasks and their due dates about the prospect.
  • Activity - Learn about all past and current activity that has or is taking place with the prospect. 
  • Emails - Check out the email threads with the prospect to get useful information. 
  • Sequences - Take a look at the sequence assigned to the particular prospect.
  • Calls - Check out the call conversations with the prospect to get useful information. 
  • Notes - Make any additional notes for future reference.
You can manage and edit any of the information by simply editing the information in the About section and clicking on Save

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