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Apply conditions to your sequences with rulesets
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Rulesets are a set of rules applied to prospects to reduce manual work. This feature can help reduce the daily recurring tasks the sales rep performs.

This feature is an add-on to sequences that defines the behavior of a sequence when a certain action happens

Basic Info

Basic Info contains the name of the ruleset and ruleset owner. 

Safety Setting

Safety Settings define what should happen to prospects in a sequence while assigning prospects. This helps you configure - 

  1. Can a prospect be added to the same sequence again?
  2. Can a prospect be added to other sequences when it is already active in some sequence?

This setting also lets you configure whether you want to add an unsubscribe link to the emails sent from this sequence.

Update Prospect Stage When

This setting lets you configure what should happen to the prospect's stage when certain criteria are met as it moves through a sequence. Upscale allows you to set the prospect stage in the following conditions -

  1. When a prospect is added to a sequence
  2. When an email sent to a prospect via sequence bounces
  3. When the first email is delivered or a call is connected to a prospect
  4. When a prospect replies by email, or the outcome of a call step is marked as positive
  5. When a prospect finishes a sequence but has not replied
  6. When a prospect finishes a sequence and doesn't reply after X days
You can select the Don't update option from the dropdown if you don't want to update the prospect stage based on the above conditions.

How do you associate a ruleset with a sequence?

The functioning of a sequence is governed by the ruleset associated with the sequence. To associate a ruleset to a sequence -

  • Go to Sequence 
  • Click on the sequence in which you want to add a ruleset
  • Go to the Settings tab in the sequence
  • On the screen that appears, go to Basic Info > Sequence Ruleset
  • Select the applicable ruleset from the dropdown
  • Click on Save

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