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Schedule your sequences according to specific time zones and time blocks
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Schedules are set of conditions and time blocks applied to sequence so that you can reach out to the prospects at the best possible time. 

Basic Info

Basic Info contains the name of the schedule and schedule owner. 

Scheduling Options

Scheduling Options define which timezone should be used to schedule tasks for prospects.  

    Time Blocks

    Time Blocks define the period during which the scheduled tasks are executed. 

    How to associate a schedule with a sequence?

    The functioning of a sequence is governed by the schedule associated with it. To associate a schedule to a sequence -

    • Go to Sequence 
    • Click on the sequence in which you want to add a schedule
    • Go to the Settings tab in the sequence
    • In the screen that appears, go to Basic Info > Sequence Schedule
    • Select the applicable schedule from the dropdown
    • Click on Save

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