Create a new task for accounts

How to create a task from scratch?
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You can create a meet-in-person or action item task for accounts in Upscale. To create a task for accounts -  

  • Go to the Accounts section
  • You can either,

    • Hover on the existing account and click on Create Task icon
    • Go to an Accounts Profile and click on Create Task icon
    • Select multiple accounts from the list of accounts and click on Create Task icon

  • In the dialog that appears, choose the Task Type, Priority, and Owner of the task
  • Select a Date and Time for the task to be performed
  • If you want to look at some notes while executing this task, you can add a quick note in the Task Notes
  • Click on Create

Your task will be added successfully to the Tasks section for the given date and time. 

Further, you can learn more about tasks in detail. 

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