Skip or delete tasks

Learn how to skip a sequence task or delete an individual task.
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Before you learn how to skip or delete a task, let's understand if they are the same.


For example, you run a sequence on selected prospects but don't want to proceed with one step for one prospect. You may want to move directly to the following step by skipping one from the sequence. Here you are only skipping one step that will no longer be due for the selected prospect.

However, it has no follow-up task when you create a task manually. In this case, the task is deleted.

To conclude, if you have tasks created from a sequence, they are skipped, and if you manually create tasks, then tasks are deleted.

To skip an individual task

Depending on whether the task was created from sequence or manually, you will see Skip or Delete options in the task screen, respectively. Just click on the CTA and confirm your action.

To skip/delete multiple tasks

  • Go to a Task section.
  • Select all the tasks from the list that you want to skip/delete.
  • Click on the Skip/Delete icon.
  • Confirm your action by clicking on the button.

After the tasks have been skipped or deleted, in case the action couldn't be performed on a few tasks, an Action Report dialog will appear, showing the number of failed actions and the reason for their failure.

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