Creating Triggers

How to create a trigger from scratch?
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Before you start creating triggers for your sales outreach, here are a few things you should know. There are 3 components in a trigger -

  1. Event - Only when this event occurs will a trigger check for conditions
  2. Conditions - The trigger will fire action for only those events which satisfy all the set conditions
  3. Actions - Specify the actions to be taken on the target if all the conditions are satisfied.

How are triggers executed?

Triggers are tested and executed in a specific order (from top to bottom). Even the actions of a trigger are tested and executed in a specific order (from top to bottom). You can re-order events and actions inside a trigger by dragging and dropping.

How to create triggers?

You can create triggers from the Settings section either by adding a new trigger or creating a clone from existing triggers. To add a new trigger - 

  • Go to Settings > Triggers
  • Click the Add Trigger button in the top right corner
  • In the screen that appears, enter the following details 
    • Name of the trigger
    • Trigger owner
    • Trigger event
    • Trigger target

  • If your trigger is based on a specific condition, then you can set those conditions by clicking on Add Condition

  • Select Add Action and add specify the applicable action.

  • Once your trigger is all set, click on Save.

Activating and De-activating Triggers

When a new trigger is created, it is deactivated by default. Triggers do not execute or fire unless you activate them. To activate the trigger, click on the toggle against the specific trigger from the list, and voila! 

If you want to disable a trigger for some time, you can simply click on the toggle and deactivate it.  

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