Introduction to Triggers

What are triggers? Why should you use this feature?
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Updated 11 months ago

Do you spend most of your time performing the same tasks on a routine which don't add value to the revenue pipeline? If yes, triggers can help you.

Triggers are automated sets of actions that execute certain events. Every trigger consists of an event and one or more actions. When you turn the trigger on, it will run the actions every time the event occurs.

Sales triggers help you engage better with prospects. They have the capability of unlocking a myriad of opportunities. You can automate the following actions via triggers -

  • Set any field for prospect, account, or opportunity
  • Add prospect to sequence
  • Add/Remove tags on a prospect 
  • Create a task for a prospect 

and much more...

Curious to know the different use cases via triggers? Go ahead and explore some popular triggers that might help you refine your sales outreach. 

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