Managing Triggers

How to clone, edit, delete, and re-order existing triggers?
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Create a clone of an existing trigger

You can create a trigger by simply cloning existing triggers.

To clone a trigger, hover on the existing trigger and click on the Clone icon > Trigger will get copied! You can now click on the copied trigger and change the rule that needs amendment.

Edit existing triggers

If you wish to change how the trigger is designed, you can simply deactivate the trigger for some time and edit it. 

To edit a trigger, click on the existing trigger from the list of triggers > You will be redirected to that trigger! You can now make amendments to any field and Save it.

Delete existing trigger

Click on the trash icon against the corresponding trigger to delete a trigger, then click on Yes, Delete.

You can also re-order the sequence in which triggers are executed by dragging and dropping the respective fields. You can also re-order the actions inside a trigger in a similar manner.

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