Some popular triggers

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Use these frequently used triggers to refine your sales process.

1. Assign prospects to a sequence when a prospect is created. 

  • [Trigger Event] Prospect Created
  • [Target] Prospect
  • [Trigger Action] Add to Sequence

2. Finish the sequence for all prospects of an account when a prospect replies.

  • [Trigger Event] Email Replied.
  • [Target] All Prospects of Account.
  • [Trigger Action] Finish sequence > Mark all sequences as finished for the prospect.

3. Create a call task for a prospect when the prospect clicks on a link.

  • [Trigger Event] Email Clicked.
  • [Target] Prospect.
  • [Trigger Condition] Email clicked count is equal to 3.
  • [Trigger Action] Create Task > Call.

4. Update prospects stage to "Bad Contact Info" when an email bounces.

  • [Trigger Event] Email Bounced.
  • [Target] Prospect.
  • [Trigger Action] Set Field > Stage > Bad Contact Info.

5. Mark the prospect as Opted Out in Upscale when the prospect opts out in CRM.

To achieve this, you will have first to create a custom field, Opts Out in Upscale, and map it to CRM. Once this is done, you can set up a trigger in Upscale to set its stage to Opted Out. 

  • [Trigger Event] Prospect Updated
  • [Target] Prospect
  • [Trigger Condition] Opts Out is Yes
  • [Trigger Action] Set Field > Stage > Bad Contact Info

How does Upscale handle Opted Out and Unsubscribed prospects?

6. Move all prospects in the account to the ABC stage if the opportunity is created for that account.

  • [Trigger Event] Opportunity Created
  • [Target] All Prospects of Account
  • [Trigger Action] Set Field > Stage > ABC

7. Assign prospects to sequence A if the prospect accepts the LinkedIn request and assign sequence B if the prospect does not accept the LinkedIn request. 

To achieve this, you will have to create a custom field, LinkedIn Request Accepted in Upscale, with the values of Yes and No. Then, you will have to create a trigger on this custom field. 

  • [Trigger Event] Prospect Updated
  • [Target] Prospect
  • [Trigger Action] Add to Sequence

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