Trigger Conditions

Why should you set trigger condition? How can you set a trigger condition?
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Trigger conditions are a set of rules which decide when a trigger should be executed. The trigger will fire action for only those records which satisfy the set conditions.

You can explore different use cases by setting up conditions, like -

  • Trigger only when a prospect clicks a link in the email twice 
  • Trigger only when a prospect is part of a particular sequence
  • Trigger only when the prospect is from the US
  • Trigger only when the account belongs to a particular SDR
  • Trigger only when opportunity size is more than $100K

With conditions, you can set rules for prospect, account, opportunity, sequence, email, and calls.

How to set conditions? 

  • Navigate to the condition section of any trigger
  • Decide the type of condition you want to set and click on Add Condition against that type. 
  • Define the condition 
  • You can set up multiple conditions in a similar manner

If you have multiple conditions, you can select whether you want the trigger to execute when all conditions are applied or whether you want it to execute even if one condition out of all the conditions is satisfied.
  • Once you have defined your criteria, you can simply click on Save

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