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Do you want to upgrade from Basic to Essential or Enterprise plans?
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As you grow your business, the responsibilities of sales teams also increase. Here's how to change your subscription from Basic to the Essential plan to accelerate your revenue growth. 

  • Go to Settings > Billing > Subscription
  • Click on Upgrade under the Essential plan 
  • Select the number of users 
  • The amount paid earlier will be adjusted automatically
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout 
  • Select your billing address
  • Add your payment details
  • Click on Pay & Subscribe to upgrade the subscription plan 

To view the plan and upgrade your subscription

  1. Open the Plans & Billing tab of the Settings page.

  2. Click the Upgrade button. 

  3. Select the new plan option or click on Adjustable for the needed variant and click Continue

  4. Confirm the charges.

Note: if you have a business subscription, you can only change it to another business subscription.

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