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Email signatures work as business cards every time you email someone.
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Email signatures convey your branding and work as a business card whenever you email someone. 

You can create a new signature from scratch or copy-paste it directly from your email provider. To create a new signature - 

  • Go to Settings > User > You > Mailboxes 
  • Select the mailbox you want to add the signature 
  • Click on Create Signature
  • Copy/paste or create your signature 
  • Edit to give a name to the signature > Save
  • Click on Save 

You can create multiple signatures using the above steps. You can delete a signature by clicking the trash icon and saving it.

Note: You can create multiple signatures and choose a default signature for the selected mailbox.

Default Signature

  • To set a default signature, go to Settings > Mailbox > Advanced.
  • Select the default signature from the dropdown and save it.

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