Reason for Failed Emails

Find out why your emails failed and what to do to retry sending them.
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Your scheduled emails may fail because of more than one reason. To view your failed emails, you need to:

  • Go to Outbox > Failed 
  • The list of failed emails, along with the reason (on hover), will appear here 

Here's how to retry sending emails if they fail for the following reasons

  • Email Thread Unavailable: Send the previous email to follow-up
  • Subject Line Missing: Add one to retry sending the email 
  • Mailbox Mismatch: Select the same mailbox between the previous and follow-up email
  • Variable Missing: Check and update contact details
  • Something Went Wrong: Click on retry for another attempt
  • Mailbox Un-synced Before Sending Email: Sync the mailbox to try again. 

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