Enable Custom Caller ID

Upscale will use a custom caller ID to mask your phone number purchased on Upscale.
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You can mask your Upscale purchased phone number with a custom caller ID. Calls to the selected phone number will be routed to your available device.

  • Go to Settings > User > Voice.
  • Under Customer Caller ID, click on  Enable custom caller-ID for outbound calls.
  • Click on Add Custom Number.
  • Enter the number and click on Verify.
Note: Ensure access to the added mobile number as you must enter a Verification Code.
  • On clicking Verify, you will see a Verification Code on the screen. You will also receive a call to the entered phone number.
  • Answer the call and enter the verification code on your phone.
  • Upon entering the correct validation code, your number will successfully be added.

You can now use this caller ID to make outbound calls and log those calls.

Note: Inbound calls to the Caller ID will not be tracked on the Upscale App.

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