Configure custom fields

Manage additional fields for your prospects and accounts
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Custom fields allow you to store additional information about your prospects and accounts. These custom fields can be text, number, list, or phone.

You can add new custom fields and manage existing ones from the Settings section. 

How to Add Custom Fields? 

  • Go to Settings > Prospects
  • Click on the Custom Fields tab and then click on Add Custom Field.   

  • Enter the name of your custom field
  • Select the type of the custom field from the dropdown list (Text, Number, List, Phone)
  • Click on Add

You can add multiple custom fields by following the above steps. 

How to Edit Custom Fields?

  • Navigate to Settings > Prospects > Custom fields
  • Click on the Pencil icon against the corresponding custom field.
  • Enter the new name of the custom field
  • Click on Save

How to Delete Custom Fields?

To delete a custom field, click on the trash icon against the corresponding custom field, then click Yes, Delete. 

You can also re-order the sequence in which custom fields are displayed by dragging and dropping the respective fields.

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