Create a Clone of an Existing Sequence

Want to A/B test your sequences? Create a clone of an existing sequence and run two sequences simultaneously.
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If you want to create a sequence with a similar framework, you can replicate the sequence from the clone feature, saving you the effort of creating a sequence from scratch.

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on the Actions tab on the right
  • Select the Create Sequence option.
You can click on the Actions tab and create a sequence from any page. Alternatively, you can go to the Sequence tab and select the Create Sequence CTA. 
  • Click on the Clone option > On this, the list of existing steps by day interval sequences will appear. 

  • Select the sequence you think would be most suitable for the task.
  • You can preview the sequence's contents on the right side before proceeding.
  • Click on Clone button at the bottom > The sequence details dialogue box appears.
  • You can edit the name of the sequence, sharing setting, ruleset, and schedule at your convenience.
  • Click on the Proceed button, and your sequence is ready.

You can now customize the sequence steps according to your requirements. 

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