Skip steps of a sequence for a prospect

How do I skip a few steps for a prospect?
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The sequence contains a series of tasks bound to be performed on all the prospects. If you don't want to execute a few sequence tasks for a prospect, you can skip those tasks or move the prospect to a subsequent step directly.

To move a prospect to subsequent steps - 

  • Go to the Sequence section.
  • Select the sequence for which you want to skip tasks.
  • Go to the Prospects tab.
  • Search for your prospect and click on the Ellipsis at the extreme right of that prospect.
  • Select the Move to Step option.

  • Select the step from the dropdown to which you want to move the prospect and set the execution date and time.
  • Click on Save.

You are all set now! 🚀

Alternatively, if you want to move multiple prospects to another step in a sequence, you can select the prospects from the list and move the prospects to another step by clicking on Ellipsis > Move to Step.

To skip a task for a prospect - 

  • Go to the Task section.
  • Search for the task you want to skip and click on the task.
  • Click on the Skip button on the screen that appears.

Subsequent sequence steps will be created for prospects automatically. 

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