Sequence Report

Build your best practices strategically with actionable insights into your sequences.
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Sequences are the steps or touchpoints involved in your prospecting and engaging prospects. With visibility into the past performance of sequences, you can build your pipeline consistently. You can analyze sequence reports to identify unique best practices. 

How to Get Sequence Reports?

You can access your sequence reports on Upscale. Here's how to do it: 

  • Go to Reports > Sequences

To compare different sequence performances and the effectiveness of your outreach, you can 

  • filter sequences by a specific time, sequence owners, and more

Why Should You Filter Sequence Reports?

  • Compare which sequence led to most meetings in the pipeline
  • Get a detailed view of email performance within a sequence
  • Use all these insights to build your best practices
  • Know which sequence leads to maximum meetings
  • How many steps does it take for prospects to book meetings?
  • Understand and compare individual performance for consistency

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