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You can apply the unsubscribe settings at the organization-level to avoid spam reports.
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Unsubscribe link is not mandatory but is among the primary best practices of cold emails. It avoids spam reports from prospects. It also ensures your cold email campaigns are CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR compliant. 

Here's how you can control the unsubscribe settings at organization-level: 

  • Go to Settings > Organizations > Email Unsubscribe Url
  • You can include your unsubscribe URL that asks for confirmation 
Pro tip: An effective confirmation message can offer insights, make unsubscribers change their mind, or encourage long-term business relationships.

Two-click Unsubscribe (Recommended) 

When your prospects click on the "Unsubscribe" link, they'll have to confirm the action. While it adds a little friction, it also reduces the chances of spam filters unsubscribing prospects. 

Note: There is also an option to Enable a 1-click unsubscribe that directly opts out the recipient without redirecting to a specific link. The downside of this is that sometimes spam filters can trigger unsubscribes by visiting the link when they check for malware, etc.

How can you include unsubscribe links in all emails?

  • Go to Settings > Organization > Unsubscribe Options
  • When you turn on the toggle for Unsubscribe Options, your unsubscribe link will be added at the end of all the emails. 

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