Format your email templates

Go big on formatting your email templates in more ways than one.
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You can easily format your email templates by following these steps.

  • Click on the template you want to edit. 

  • Select any one of the options present at the bottom of the Edit Template box that appears. 

CTA What does it do?
More Text Provides text formatting options like bold, underline, italics, or changing text font
More Paragraph Provides paragraph formatting options to change paragraph alignment, add bullet points, or number paragraphs
Insert link Insert URL links to your email
Upload File Upload any kind of files attachments to your email
Insert Image Insert images into your email 
Add Template Enter specially designed templates into your emails
Add variables Add variables like Prospect name, Account name, or the Sender's name to your email.
Insert Calendar Link Insert calendar links to your email to schedule calls and demos with prospects 
Code View Enter HTML codes to personalize your emails and make them interactive

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