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Upscale is creating the next normal of B2B sales outreach by automating it through multiple channels like email, phone calls, social media, text messages, and more. Our data-driven unified platform helps streamline routine work and lets your sales team focus on what matters the most - closing deals. 

View and plan your daily sales activities from the Dashboard and keep track of progress. Add prospects to get started with multi-channel outreach, including email, phone calls, social media, and more. Use suggested templates to send emails or make calls recorded for future reference. Follow the best practices to drive revenue to become a predictable outcome. 

Upscale streamlines sales outreach by identifying who to engage, engaging them, and doing more with standardized content and consistent processes.  

Automate to never miss an opportunity

Good teams play, but great teams run a system of plays. A well-defined sales process across your team will eradicate inefficiencies of the sales framework, provide clear workload visibility and reach sales quotas consistently.

Sequences are your system of plays for sales outreach. They help streamline your sales tasks across the team with a consistent process. Empower your sales reps to quickly connect with leads and engage them around opportunities. Make the most of the suggested templates, guides, and intelligence to measure your existing sequences based on industry trends. When you add a new prospect to a Sequence, Upscale automatically generates the tasks in line with your sales process. You can track the progress of prospects, explore the next steps, and complete your tasks on Upscale. 

You can even send automated emails to ensure you never miss an opportunity because of not following up — draft emails with variables to personalize them automatically on Upscale. Triggers can make certain specific actions take place automatically. The actions could include administrative tasks like updating CRM data, routing inbound calls based on priority, sending emails at a suitable time to get a response, and much more. 

Simplified account, opportunity, and task management 

Keeping contact information updated is crucial for prospecting. Create custom fields to store information based on your requirements for accounts, opportunities, and prospects. Such customized information can be used as email variables, trigger fields, and prioritization.

Successful sales processes focus on things that matter the most - booking more meetings and closing deals faster. Upscale helps increase outcomes by effectively prioritizing prospects, accounts, and opportunities. Optimize engagement with intuitive task filters and custom sorting activities based on rules and scores. 

Effective integrations and actionable insights

Upscale collaborate to create a robust integration ecosystem to fuel your sales outreach. Leverage CRM, email, and productivity tools to empower your sales outreach. 

Derive actionable insights from various activities and outcomes to dive deeper into successful outcomes. Access cadence-level intelligence to optimize communication and increase engagement. A/B test emails, templates, and messages, along with the performance across industry segments, to streamline your time, efforts, and resources. 

Let’s get started

Set up your Upscale account with this Basic setup guide. Follow the following steps: 

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