Call Disposition

Define potential outcomes of your concluded call with a prospect
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Call Disposition describes the outcome of your concluded call with a prospect. One-click removes the need to take long notes after every call, saving you time. 

It gives sales managers valuable insights into assessing the call turnouts, which they can use to optimize their team’s sales performance and process. Upscale helps you to record the outcomes of both answered and unanswered calls.

You can add, edit and delete call dispositions.

Add a Call Disposition

  1. Go to Settings > Calls > Dispositions
  2. Click on Add Disposition
  3. Enter the name of the disposition
  4. Choose a response status* (Answered/Not Answered)
  5. Click on Save

Edit a Call Disposition

  1. Go to Settings > Calls > Dispositions
  2. Hover over the Disposition you want to edit and click on the pencil icon. 
  3. You can edit the name of the call disposition and the response status* (Answered/Not Answered)
  4. Click on Save

To delete a call disposition, hover over the disposition, click on the trash icon, and click on Yes, Delete.

Note: Answered calls will result in the prospect being marked as finished in the sequence, while Unanswered calls will  move the prospect to the next step normally

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