How are Incoming Calls Routed?

Let's understand how incoming calls are routed to your users.
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Routing Offline calls

You can enable offline call routing and add a routing phone number to answer the inbound calls from your prospects when you are offline. 

  1. Go to Settings > User > Voice and enable offline call routing by clicking on the checkbox Route offline calls to the phone number. 
  2. Upscale will automatically retrieve the phone number you added to your profile Settings > User > General. 
  3. By default, offline calls would be routed to this phone number.

You can add multiple routing phone numbers. To do that, click on Add Routing Number, enter the phone number, and click on Add. 

You can select only one phone number at a time by checking the box against that number. Upscale will connect to this phone number if you receive calls when you’re offline. 

To delete a routing phone number, click on the trash icon against that phone number. 

Routing Unknown Incoming calls

Incoming calls from unknown caller IDs that are received on any global phone number can be routed to any one particular user at a given point in time in Upscale.

  1. Go to Settings > Phones
  2. Select a user from the drop-down list to whom the incoming calls should be routed

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