Introduction to Sequences

Here you can find information about Sequences, how they work and why you should use them?
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What are Sequences? 

Sequences consist of a series of activities in the sales outreach process that help you eliminate repetitive & manual tasks. Make sure your rep doesn't miss out on any follow-ups. Sequences are steps that define how, when, and what is related to prospect engagement.

There are two types of sequences that you can choose from:

  • Sequence by day interval to separate tasks by time interval ranging from immediately to the future
  • Sequence by exact date/time for one-time events such as webinars, conferences, trade shows, and more.

Why are sequences used?

  • Maintain consistency in sales outreach
  • Never miss a lead follow-up
  • Eliminate repetitive, manual work of creating tasks
  • A/B testing to evaluate task variations 
  • Multi-channel outreach to identify the most suitable one
  • Set up sales outreach process
  • Eliminate repetitive task creation through automation

How to create sequences?

Follow these steps to create sequences:

Further, you can learn more about sequences in detail. 

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