Sequence Performance Overview

How is my sequence performing?
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Updated 10 months ago

You can get easy access to any sequence performance on Upscale. Follow these simple steps to measure your sequence performance:

  • Go to the Sequences section. All the sequences appear.
  • You can identify best-performing sequences based on the metrics show beside the sequence names

You can get an overview of a sequence's performance based on the following metrics:

Metric What does it show?
Contacted Shows the number of leads assigned to a sequence that has been contacted 
Opened Indicates the number of leads that have opened the emails or messages sent by your company
Clicked Indicates the number of leads that have clicked on a CTA button, links, or files shared by your company 

Shows the number of leads that have replied to you

You can lock any public sequence by clicking on the Lock icon to pause or limit its use temporarily.

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