Setting up Sequence Throttling

Set up a Throttle limit to avoid SPAM penalties and blacklisting by email service providers.
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Sending too many emails in a day can attract SPAM penalties or even block your email address. To maintain domain hygiene, Upscale enables you to limit the number of active prospects with Sequence Throttling. 

Sequence Throttle: It helps you limit the number of prospects moving through a sequence simultaneously. It protects you from exceeding the email provider's email limit.

  • Go to Sequences > Settings > Throttle Newly Added Prospects
  • Enable Prospect Throttling
  • Define the Maximum active prospects per user and Maximum prospects per user every 24 hours
  • Save the changes
Maximum active prospects per user: The total number of active prospects that can be added to a sequence by any user.
Maximum prospects per user every 24 hours: Maximum active prospects that can be added to a sequence every day. 

Prospect Throttling: You can define the maximum number of active prospects that can be added to a sequence within 24 hours. (The remaining will be marked as "pending.") 

Here's how you can manually move prospects from pending to active:

  • Go to the Sequence >  Pending Prospects
  • Select the prospects you want to move to the active state.
  • Click on the ellipsis > Select Activate
  • Pending prospects will be moved to Active

Note: To ensure the sequence throttle works seamlessly, it is important not to breach the settings. It's important always to avoid exceeding the daily limit for prospects.

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