Local Number Dialing

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Local number dialing will allow you to choose the area code to display in caller ID when calling prospects. 

Why is Local Number Dialing necessary?

  • When cold-calling across different regions, local dial automatically chooses a calling number with a country/area code similar to your prospects. 
  • Local number dialing ensures your prospects don't ignore calls because of a foreign number. It imitates a local presence for you. 

How does Local Number Dialing work?

For countries with area codes: For example, in the USA, if you call a prospect in New York, Upscale will try matching your caller ID with a "+1-212" coded number. If that's unavailable in your purchased phones list, it will pick any "+1" number. If a number from the same country is also unavailable, Upscale will use your default phone number. 

Here's how to enable it on Upscale: 

  • Go to Settings > User > You > Voice
  • Once enabled, your caller ID will match your prospect's local area code. 
If local dialing is disabled, your default phone number will be used while calling prospects.

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