Manage Purchased Phones

View and manage your purchased phone numbers.
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You can view all the phone numbers purchased by you and your team in the Phones section of Settings. Here you can update the owner of a phone number and delete a phone number.

  1. To update the owner of a phone number, hover over the phone number and click on the pencil icon.
  2. In the Field to update, select the owner
  3. Choose the new owner from the dropdown list (Here, you can select All Users, which makes everyone the owner of that particular phone number)
  4. Click on Update

To delete a phone number, hover over the phone number, click on the trash icon, and click on Yes, Delete. Your phone number will be deleted, and no further charges will be levied related to this number.

However, please note that once deleted, the same number may not be available in future purchases.

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