Sequence Step Modifications

Find out what happens when a step within a sequence is modified.
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Each step in a sequence defines the task to perform. It could include emailing, calling, engaging on LinkedIn, or a generic task. It also defines when to execute the task once you activate the sequence.

Sometimes, based on your observations, you may edit steps within a sequence. To optimize your sequence performance, you can make the following modifications to a sequence step:

  • Modify Step Type
  • Time Interval Between Steps
  • Task Priority
  • Add/Edit Task Notes
  • Edit Email Template
  • Update Call Purpose

Making these modifications in an active sequence with prospects assigned will result in the following situations: 

  • New prospects will be engaged based on the modified sequence. 
  • Mismatch of insights: For example, you modify step #1 from Manual Email to Call task within an active sequence. The sequence insights will not be able to consolidate a single report. 

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